The Diocesan day of Penitence at our Lady of Visitation Shrine Oleri took place on 27th March 2021, attracting so many pilgrims across the five regions of the Catholic Diocese of Warri. The Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. John Okeoghene Afareha, The Dean of Udu Deanery, Very Rev Fr Vincent Owoaka, The Bishop’s Secretary, Very Rev. Fr. Dr. John Ederaine and several Priests and religious were present to grace the occasion.

The program featured: The Penitential Service led by Very Rev. Fr. Andrew Orogun, the Diocesan Chaplain of the Shrine; The Station of the Cross led by Rev…; The Holy Mass Celebrated by the Bishop, Most Rev. Dr. John Okeoghene Afareha; Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament led by Rev. Fr. Batholomew Mogbolu and moments for personal prayers and private devotions.

The Annual Diocesan Lenten Day of Penitence is an initiative of Very Rev. Fr. Nicholas Djebah the immediate past Chaplain to the Shrine. It has become an annual event at our Lady of Visitation Shrine Oleri. After a long period of shutdown of the Shrine due to the Pandemic, the program has opened up the shrine for service to individuals and groups.

The Chaplain announced the re-opening of the Shrine to individuals and groups who may wish to visit the shrine for private devotions and prayers. The shrine would be operational Monday – Saturday 8.30am- 4pm daily. Pilgrims who visit the shrine must register their presence with the Secretary at the Shrine at all times. Individuals and groups who may wish to stay over at the facility would be allowed to do so with a little token for the maintenance of the facilities.

He further announced that the Shrine has a functional Website: where further information on the Shrine could be retrieved.

The Bishop in his remark, thanked the Chaplain for his commitments, diligence and sacrifice in opening up the Shrine.

The program ended with the adoration blessing and little snacks were distributed to pilgrims as they departed the Arena

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